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The quality of food your pet eats can make a big difference in their health and wellness. We carry a variety of great foods for your pets that fit all budgets.

Animals love to play! Whether it's catnip, balls, food or tug toys, or something novel, let us help you find the right toy to keep your pet active and entertained.

Collars & leashes, of course. Harnesses to prevent pulling, rain gear & coats, tees to support your favorite team. We can help outfit your pets in style! 

Other Stuff

Treats, supplements, shampoo, bowls, crates, beds ... The list just goes on & on. Whatever you need to keep your pet healthy, happy, and looking good!

The team here at Personal Beast are proud to serve you and the Montavilla Neighborhood great quality items for your beloved pets. We opened on the heels of the Melamine recalls of 2007, on a mission to educate pet owners about biologically appropriate foods and the risks big business takes when mass producing products without proper oversight. Our mission remains the same to this day, we are devoted to helping pets and their parents find the safest products and most ethical companies.


Our foods never: 


  • Contain meat from china, the most significant risk for melamine contamination that causes complete organ failure.

  • Contain unnamed byproducts or inferior ingredients

  • Contain wheat or corn, that contributes to poor coat and gut health and increases the risk of Aflotoxin exposure

  • Come from companies that have tested on animals in a laboratory setting as opposed to home based feeding trials and volunteer study groups. 

  • Come from companies that make lesser quality products

  • Come from companies that have a history of deadly recalls


Our foods Will:


  • Have rigorous lot testing and USDA oversight

  • Are developed by Nutritionists for a complete and balanced diet

  • Are owned by reputable companies, most are family owned and have been making pet food for decades.

  • Have run additional testing and supplemented their formulas appropriately in light of the incidence of heart disease in many dog breeds.

  • Are designed for rotation, variety is the spice of life!

  • Are always meat based


We stay up to date on the science and are passionate about nutrition. We can help you find a solution for your pet. We offer food with common and uncommon grains, grain free, legume free, chicken free and everything in between. We have medically specific diets, low fat diets and high calorie diets, too!

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